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Optimal South-Facing Panels on Any Roof



The ideal house for solar panels is one with an east-west running roofline with solar panels mounted on the south-facing side. However, unless you built, or chose your house with solar power in mind, you have to live with what you have. You might decide solar panels are just not for you, but don't be too hasty.

If your roofline runs north-south or at an odd angle you can still mount south-facing solar modules aimed at the optimal inclination to optimize your rebate and/or energy generation. If the baseline of the panels is angled to the roofline the correct amount and the inclination is adjusted properly, your solar panels will lie in the same plane as though you had an ideal south-facing roof. Given your latitude, the orientation of your roofline, the pitch of your roof, and the positioning requirements of your rebate, we can determine the orientation and inclination of the panels on your roof that will maximize the returns on your solar panel investment. The illustration here is for a north-south roofline; we can compute the required angles for ANY roofline.


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