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Placing Orders

Ordering a Customized Solar Panel Optimization Analysis

To order a design analysis you must do two things:

  1. Submit payment.
    To pay by credit or debit card, follow this link. (Our credit card processing is handled through Kagi.)
    If you are a solar contractor ordering analyses for your customers, you can establish an account with us. Contact us by email.
    If you prefer to pay by check, send it through the mail. See our Contact page for our address.

  2. Submit your contact information and site data on our submission form.
    The critical site data we need from you are you latitude, the orientation of your roofline (measuring clockwise from True North), and the pitch of your roof. Follow this link for hints on making these measurements. If you are not able to do all of the measurements yourself, we will assist you for an additional fee.

When we have your data and payment we will do the analysis, which will be returned to you as a pdf file attached to an email. It will contain the computed angles needed to lay out the solar panels and two views of a schematic view of your house: one from above, and one from an angle that will help you visualize the meaning of the numbers. When you place your order we recommend you also send us a confirming email. This will assure that we have your correct email address so there will be no breakdown in communication.


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